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COVER GALLERY Help Magazine issue #24
Cover date: May 1965 35 cent cover price, 44 pages.
Cover subject: Cover model John Massey (often cited as a photo of Terry Gilliam on this cover, but Terry was a young man when this issue was created).
Pg 2 – EDITORIAL, a photo of Gilliam with the cover model is featured in the editorial page, also a photo of John Cleese as a member of the Cambridge Circus.
Pg 8-11 – “MEN IN SPACE” art and story by Ed Fisher
Pg 12-14 – “A NOSTALGIC VIGNETTE” by Woody Gelman, featuring the art of T.S. Sillivant, reprints from the late 1800’s.
Pg 15-28 – “CHRISTOPHER’S PUNCTURED ROMANCE” fumetti by Dave Crossley, photography by Martin Iger, starring: John Cleese, and Cindy Young. This fumetti is one of the most famous in the entire run of HELP!. This fumetti stars John Cleese of Monty Python fame. The story revolves around John Cleese’s character and his interaction with his daughter’s new toy, a Barbee doll. Of course the prop is an actual Barbie Doll from the mid 1960’s. If the actual doll could be obtained, and certified as legitimate, it would be quite a toy collectible. This fumetti features many close-up photos of Cleese, and is a real plus for the Python collector.
Pg 33-35 – “HARVEY KURTZMAN’S FUN AND GAMES”, this is a special 3 page
introduction to a paperback collection by Kurtzman and Terry Gilliam.
Pg 36-40 – “HELP’S PUBLIC GALLERY” featuring art by: James McRory, Paul
Merta, Frank Marquez, Dennis Ellefson, Ted Robins, and a special Fritz the
Cat two page story by Robert Crumb.
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