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COVER GALLERY Help Magazine issue #25
HELP! #25
July 1965

Cover: Ginny Ghettaidi
Pg 3-8 Bulgaria Sketchbook by Robert Crumb
Pg 9-11 The Supper Club Caper with Inspector Femez Labouche, A HELP! Whodunit!
Pg 12-15 Art Afterpieces by Ward Kimball
Pg 16-18 Poor Arnold’s Almanac by Arnold Roth
Pg 19-26 Sauna These Days, Fumetti by Dave Crossley, photography by Martin Iger
Pg 27-30 Wonder Warthog Goes A-Freedom-Riding! By Gilbert Shelton
Pg 31-36 Help’s! Public Gallery, with art by:  Jim Jones, Ted Robins, Skip Williamson & Paul Merta
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