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COVER GALLERY Help Magazine issue #23

Cover date: March 1965 35 cent cover price, 44 pages.
Cover subject: Bitter End Singers featured on cover.
Pg 2 – EDITORIAL, picture of Kurtzman on fumetti location.
Pg 9-13 – “WONDER WART-HOG & THE WIRD ONES!” by Gilbert Shelton
Pg 14-28 – “THE MAN FROM A.U.N.T.I.E.” fumetti by Algis Budrys, photos by Elgin Ciampi, featuring: Jane Counter, Bill Bonner, & Lew James.
Pg 29-31 – “THE MONSTER CRAZE” by Gahan Wilson
Pg 32-35 – “HIAWATTA” written and illustrated by Milt Gross
Pg 36-40 – “HELP’S PUBLIC GALLERY” with art by: Paul Merta, Jay Lynch,
Gary Kissick, Skip Williamson, Jim Jones, Warren Sattler, Tom Eaton, Merton Backlund, Ardy Struwer.
Pg 41 (inside back cover) reprint comic by J. H. Dowd from 1923

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