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Help! Magazine
COVER GALLERY Help Magazine issue #22v2n10
January 1965
Cover: Beatles, with their hair airbrushed out
• Help's Public Gallery, with single panel art by Underground comic artists Jay Lynch (also a full page comic strip by Mr. Lynch) and Skip Williamson  Also a two page spread by Robert Crumb with his infamous character Fritz the Cat, (one of the first appearances of Fritz the Cat in print.)
Fumetti: STATION BREAK by Ed Fisher, starring:  Marianne Kanter as Liz, Max Richard as Fumit and Rutilio Omero as The Boss.
Comics: Wonder Wart-Hog Meets The Merangsters!, by Gilbert Shelton
Sketchbook: HARLEM by Robert Crumb
One of the many photo phunnies featured The Beatles and Ed Sullivan, also Richard Nixon shaking hands with Barry Goldwater were also used in a photo phunnie.
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