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COVER GALLERY Help Magazine issue #21v2n9
Cover date: October 1964 75 cent cover price, 98 pages.
Cover subject: Collage of past HELP! covers.
Pg 2-4 – EDITORIAL, pg 4 features sidebar with circulation figures for the
past year, 146,062 listed as the average for the past year.
SPECIAL NOTE: On the letters to the Editor, the first of the complaint letters about the issue #20 printing of the feature “MY FIRST GOLDEN BOOK OF GOD” is printed, and the tone of the letters are not pleased. This was the beginning of the decline of HELP! Circulation figures. This one feature more than anything led to the rapid decline of HELP!’s sales. This is the one and only Annual issue of HELP!, and features reprints of past fumettis.
Pg 5-12 – “BABY IT’S OCCULT OUTSIDE” (reprint from issue #7, Feb. 1961)
Pg 13-19 – “THE MARINERS” (reprint from issue #13, Feb 1962)
Pg 20-22 – “KISSIE” with Jessica Walters (reprint from issue #3 Oct 1962)
Pg 23-32 – “THE KARATE LESSON” (reprint from issue #17, Feb 1963)
Pg 33-40 – “THE JACKPOT” (reprint from issue #10, May 1961)
Pg 41-54 – “THE SKI WEEKEND” (reprint from issue #18, May 1963)
Pg 55-62 – “MUSE ME” (reprint from issue #15, Aug 1962)
(reprint from issue #8, Mar 1961)
Pg 71-79 – “ON THE CONEY” (reprint from issue #3, Oct 1960)
Pg 81-88 – “LIFE IN A WOMEN’S DORMITORY” (reprint from issue #14, May 1962)
Pg 89-95 – “A STAR IS BORN” (reprint from issue #11 June 1961)
Pg 96,97 – “KISSIE” with Dawn Nickerson, (reprint from issue #8 Mar 1961)

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