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Help! Magazine
COVER GALLERY Help Magazine issue #20v2n8
February 1964
52 pages
Cover:17 month old David Dean
ELEPHANTIES, Elephant jokes
"THE GREAT WASHINGTON MARCH" art by Paul Coker text by Charles Alverson
Fumetti:  "SURFSIDE STORY" by Chuck Alverson, starring:  Tom Coburn, Jacki Pratt, Don Thornton, George Fisher, Bob Schettini, Wally Frank, Mark Forstarter, Ronnie Rojas, and Skin Diving Equipment by Richards Aqua-Lung Center
HELP!’s PUBLIC GALLERY:  Skip Williamson, Terry Gilliam, Paul Merta and Manuel Leite
Comics: "WONDER WART-HOG:  MEETS SUPER-HYPNOTIST!", art and text:  Gilbert Shelton
Comics: Stewart Schwartzberg, Dennis Ellefson, and Frank Marquez
Comics and Text: "MY FIRST GOLDEN BOOK of GOD", by Joel Siegel art by Hank Hmton  (SPECIAL NOTE:  Several issues later the letters page was filled with nothing but contempt for this feature.  Many readers calling for the banning of HELP! from the newsstand, or promises of  never buying HELP! again.  Could this have been the real reason HELP! ceased publication just six issues later?)
Comics: Reprints of "Mutt and Jeff" by Bud Fisher
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