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COVER GALLERY Help Magazine issue #19v2n7
Cover date: October 1963 35 cent cover price
Cover subject: Close-up of female face, with eyelash on nose.
Pg 2 – Editorial
Pg 3 – Photo of Jack Davis at the Polo Grounds press box. A letter by Jay Lynch is printed on this page.
Pg 10-14 - “JACK DAVIS MEETS THE METS” by Jack Davis, with art by Davis, also another photo of Jack Davis on page 14.
Pg 15-16 – “TWO ROADS FORWARD AND BACK” fiction by Richard F. Gibbons
Pg 17-18 – “A THOUSAND PICTURES WORTH ON WORD” art and story by Harvey Kurtzman
Pg 19-34 – “THE UNMENTIONABLES” fumetti story by Charles Alverson.
Actors: Jim Miller, Judy Henske, Charlie Brown, Bob Shaw, Dean Cohen, Woody Allen, Rutillo Omero, Rex Eckley, Jerry Reinstein, Joan Cameron, Peg Gay, Jane Meltzer, Bunny Richmond, Lizzy Kurtzman (Harvey’s daughter), John Forsha, Terry Gilliam (Monty Python fame), Chuck Alverson.
Pg 35,36 – “ECONOMY OF MATCHES” reprint cartoon by H. M. Bateman
Pg 37 – cartoon by Wally Wood, satire on the Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra poster art
Pg 38-42 – “HELP’S PUBLIC GALLERY” art by: Jay Lynch, Dennis Ellefson, Larry Walker, Merton Backlund, Peter Brock, Ken Schneider, Jim Jones, Bruce Ketcham & Frank Marquez.
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