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COVER GALLERY Help Magazine issue #18v2n6
Cover date: May 1963 35 cent cover price
Cover subject: Actor Charlie Brown, portraying Castro with a baseball bat and glove.
Pg. 2 – Editorial
Pg 9-11 - “EUGENE TALMADGE AND THE SEARS ROEBUCK CO.” BY William Price Fox, with illustration by Jack Davis
Pg 12,17,18 – “HELP’S PUBLIC GALLERY” art by Larry Walker, M. Leite, Paul Merta, Dennis Eliefson, Don Edwing, Stewart Schwartberg, Peter Brock
Pg 13-16 – “WONDER WART-HOG MEETS THE MOB”, Story Bill Killeen, art by Gilbert Shelton
Pg 19-32 – “THE SKI WEEKEND” fumetti by Willard Manus, photos by Ron
Harris, actors: K. C. Townsend, Lamont Cranston, Sally Mock, Jim Hampton (of
F-Troop fame)
Pg 33-38 – “SKIPPY” reprint by Percy Crosby
Pg 39-41 – “THE LAST DAYS OF BURLESQUE” art and story by Arnold Roth, three photos of Arnold Roth printed on page 39.
Pg 49 (inside back cover) – Cartoon by Merta used to advertise Help! Back
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