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COVER GALLERY Help Magazine issue #17v2n5
Cover date: February 1963 35 cent cover price
Cover subject: A specially build door with the Help! Magazine logo in gilt lettering on an opaque glass, with a wild grouping of mayhem taking place behind the door.
Pg 2 – Editorial. Special note: Terry Gilliam’s picture is printed on this page, with a introduction of Mr. Gilliam as the new associate editor of Help!
Pg 3 – Special note: Circulation figures are printed for Help!, 113,073 for the previous 12 months. Also a photo of artist Milton Caniff is printed on this page.
Pg 9-13 – “HELP’S PUBLIC GALLERY” artists include: Ken Schneider, Paul
Merta, Sam Cornell, Alfred Grondona White, Dennis Ellefson, Frank Marquez,
Terry Gilliam, James McRory.
Pg 14-19 – “ARNOLD ROTH AT CAPE CANAVERAL” art and text by Arnold Roth
Pg 20-22 – “MOVIE MESSAGES” by Harry Purvis
Pg 23-32 – “THE KARATE LESSON” fumetti by Bernard Shir-Cliff, photography
by Ron Harris, starring; Henry Jaglom, Marisa Karenina, Rex Eckley, Susan Ducotel, George Axler, Paul Zimet, with dresses from Stern’s Department Store
Pg 33-35 – “DOLLS YOUR MOTHER NEVER GAVE YOU” by Jack Wohl and Stan Rice
Pg 36-40 – “MALE CALL” reprint of Milton Caniff’s WWII comic strip.
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