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COVER GALLERY Help Magazine issue #16v2n4
Cover date: November 1962 35 cent cover price
Cover subject: Jim Hampton (of F-Troop fame), parody of the 1960’s flood of Made in Japan products
Pg 2 – Editorial, has announcement of 2nd Help! Paperback collection, with first version of the cover with President Kennedy on the cover
Pg 11-21 “THE COMPANY PLANE” fumetti, by Bernard Shir-Cliff, actors this story: Russ Heath (of comic artist fame), Joyce Mericle, Paul Glaser, Mel Peach, Frances Vargo, and Jim Hampton (of F-Troop fame), photography by Ron Harris, make-up by Dick Smith (of Famous Monsters make-up book fame)
Pg 22-25 – “HAVE GUN WILL RUN” fiction by Arnold Hayne, with additional
art by Will Elder added to 19th century art print.
Pg 25-29 – “GOODMAN GETS A GUN” CHAPTER VI, by Harvey Kurtzman, with art
by Will Elder.
Pg 30, 31 – “HELP’S PUBLIC GALLERY” art by: Merta, Ted Robins, Sam
Cornell, Strumer, Bill O’Neal, D. Ellefson.
Pg 37-42 – “INSIDE REQUIEM FOR A HEAVYWEIGHT” photo and comic essay by
Harvey Kurtzman
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