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COVER GALLERY Help Magazine issue ##13v2n1
Cover date: February 1962 50 pages
Cover subject: Juvenile Delinquency. This cover from this issue is probably the most famous of all the run of HELP!, featuring in bold red letter,“ FOR ADULTS ONLY!”. This Help! Cover is akin to the famous National Lampoon Death cover, we’ll shoot this dog from January 1973. This issue was also the subject of a lawsuit with Archie comics about the Goodman Beaver Archie parody. The result of the suit was that the story would never to reprinted, and all back issues destroyed. This issue did disappear from the back issue department, and is one of the seven issues that were not found in the Warren warehouse sale of the early 1980’s. The seven issues not found in the warehouse were: 1,2,4,9,11,13,15, and represent most difficult of all of the issues needed to complete a run of HELP!.

Inside Front Cover: Special note about this photo of Princess of Monaco and President Kennedy. It was used on the cover of the 2nd paperback collection of HELP!, but the paperback was released just before Kennedy’s assassination, and the paperback was pulled, and a second version of the cover was printed for distribution.
Pg 11-17 – “THE MARINERS” fumetti by Algis Budrys, photography by Ron Rojas, starring; Paul Glaser, Lydia Wilen, Don Edwing, and Russ Heath. Note: Russ Heath is the same famous comic book artist of DC comics fame.
Pg 18-22 – “HELP!’S PUBLIC GALLERY”, featuring art by; Merta, Stewart Schwartzberg, Don Edwing, Goodie, Robins, Wohl, Dellefson.
Pg 23-29 – “GOODMAN BEAVER GOES PLAYBOY” Chapter III, by Harvey Kurtzman, art by Will Elder.
NOTE: This is the famous story that led to a lawsuit by Archie Comics, and lead to this issue being pulled from the back issue department, and one of the hardest of the missing seven warehouse issues to obtain. Although the hardest issue to obtain is probably #2, followed by #13, then issue #1, #4, #11, #15 and #9, in that order.
Freberg. This is a text transcription of one of the audio sketches from
the same said titled record. A unique item in the history of HELP!
Pg 32-39
– “THE SPIRIT” “2ND installment of SAND SAREF” by Will Eisner This is the famous reprinting of a Will Eisner Spirit section. Page 32 features a loving introduction to the reprint of the Spirit section, and from it’s content it is easy to see Will Eisner was much loved by the Editor and Publisher of HELP! Magazine at the time.
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