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COVER GALLERY Help Magazine issue #10
May 1961

Jackie Gleason cover photo
• Cartoon by french cartoonist, Bosc
• Fumetti:"The Jackpot", written by Algis Budrys, starring Henny Youngman, Laurie Matthews and Robert Mertz
• Fiction: "At Night All Cats are Gray" by Art Hyde
• Ed Fisher comics, Washington Frontier Sketches, about the Captiol in Washington D.C.
• Heinrich Kley, reprints of illustrations from turn of the century (20th) from Germany, amazing pen and ink work
• Goodman Beaver strip, 77 Pennsy Strip, by Will Elder and Harvey Kurtzman, cameo’s of President John F. Kennedy. Robert Kennedy, & Castro
• Wohlnuts by Jack Wohl, everyday object with word balloons
• John Severin of EC comics fame one page comic illustration
• Fiction piece by George Kirgo, Parents and Children
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