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Help! Magazine
COVER GALLERY Help Magazine issue #9
April 1961
Cover: Phil Ford and Mimi Hines
Photo by Ron Harris

• Comic Strip reprints: Little Nemo in Slumberland by Winsor McCay
• Fumetti: The Pygmalion Bit by Ed Fisher, starring Phil Ford and Mimi Hines
• Fiction: Brothelly Love by George Kirgo
• Comics: The Wiley Trapper by Gahan Wilson
• Fiction: Televiewers Anonymous by Bill Gelband
• Comics: Three Evil Towns that Never Were by Bill Elder
• Fiction: Wisdom to Live By, by John G. Fuller
• Comics: French Train by Dubout, French comics artist’s reprints
• Wohlnuts by Jack Wohl, (photos of everyday objects with humorous captions.)
• Comic Fiction: We Were Spies in a Ladies’ Turkish Bath, by Susan Perl, artist and Gloria Steinem text
• Captioned Photos of JFK’s Inaugural Week
• Comics: A Story to Make Your Hair Stand on End, by Caran D’Ache
• Comic Story: Double Agent K-9, story by Jan Kindler, art by Paul Coker Jr.
• Fiction: Touched With Fire by Ray Bradbury

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