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COVER GALLERY Help Magazine issue #8
March 1961

Cover:  Hugh Downs
• Non-Fiction:  George Kirgo, The Shock of Recognition, with illustrations by Jack Davis
• Fiction:  H.G. Wells, The Crystal Egg
• Non-Fiction:  George Kirgo, Indecent Exposure:  How to write a best-selling autobiography
• Comic Story, by Ed Fisher and Will Elder, Dopgatch Revisted
• Photo comics, by Jack Wohl, WOHLNUTS
• Comic Essay, by Arnold Roth, BERLIN
• Fiction:  by Algernon Blackwood, An Egyptian Hornet
• Fumetti:  story GERALD & DARLING WHAT’S HER NAME AT THE SHOPPING CENTER by Algis Budrys, Starring, Orson Bean, Ann Harris & Nona Candler
• Comics: by Shel Silverstein, THE CENTAUR
• Photo of Harvey Kurtzman signing copies of JUNGLE BOOK paperback as a come on for subscription ad. 
• Kissie:  Starring Dawn Nickerson from the Broadway play, DO RE ME.
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