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COVER GALLERY Help Magazine issue #6 
This issue contain one of a series of four collector posters:
Collector poster #1
Collector poster #2
Collector poster #3
Collector poster #4

Cover date: January 1961 68 pages
Cover subject Jonathan Winters, worrying about atomic fallout on New Year’s Eve, with ingénue lead of FORCE OF IMPULSE, Teri Hope featured on the left hand side foreground of the cover. The lady standing up on the left hand side of the background is Ann Harris, then starring in PITY ME NOT. And a
special note, the backside of Gloria Steinem is featured in the background of the right hand side of the cover. Gloria Steinem a cover girl, abet a back sided one.

This issue features a very special insert. Four different ship art prints.
Click on links (above) to see each of the 4 different prints. Of course to put the ship print on your wall, you had to destroy your copy of the magazine, and buy four copies to have all four prints. The come on didn’t work, most copies have the print still inside.

Pg 8 – 22 pictures of the staff of HELP! Featured, just their heads
Pg 10-16 “THE WATCHFUL POKER CHIP OF H. MATISSE” fiction by Ray Bradbury
Pg 12 – “CIVIL WAR VIGNETTES #5” by Jack Davis
Pg 17-22 – “BEATSVILLE USA” Fumetti story by Gloria Steinem, photography
by Ron Harris, starring: Roger Price, Carol Robbins, Leslie Sanford, Rose
Pg 24,25 – HELP’S PUBLIC GALLERY, art by Schwartberg, Merta, cartoons
from Yale Record, Marquis, CCNY Mercury
Pg 27 - “CIVIL WAR VIGNETTES #6” by Jack Davis
Pg 28 – Comic page, “THE GUEST WHO BROUGHT A BANJO” art by Bateman
Pg 29-31 – Parody, “RODDERS…MEET POTS GEFFULIO!” by “Red” Shir-Cliff
Pg 32 – Full page fumetti of Boris Karloff as FRANKENSTEIN’S creation
Pg 33-35 “HAPPY NEW YEAR CARTOON” by Dubout
Pg 36 Resolutions, “NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS”
Pg 37-39 “THE OPEN WINDOW” fiction by Saki
Pg 40-42, 44-47, 58-62 – “THE PRIZE OF PERIL” fiction by Robert Sheckley
Pg 44 - “CIVIL WAR VIGNETTES #7” by Jack Davis
Pg 49-55 - “INSIDE COKER, INSIDE CUBA” cartoon essay by Paul Coker Jr.
Pg 57 – Joke of the Month – “THE SADDEST STORY EVER TOLD”
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