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COVER GALLERY Help Magazine issue #5
Cover date: December 1960
Cover subject: Dave Garroway (comment on state of 1960 politics in the world)

Pg 7-10, 49-54, - Fumetti, “OFFICE PARTY” starring Milt Kamen, written by Bernard Shir-Cliff, photographed by Ron Harris.
Pg 11 – “GLORY OF THE TURKEY” cartoon reprinted from Punch 1924
Pg 12 – Joke of the month “EVER WONDER WHAT’S BEYOND OUTER SPACE…?”
Pg 13-15, 18,19 – “SQUIRRELS HAVE BRIGHT EYES” fiction by John Collier
Pg 16,17 – “DEFECTORS” cartoon by Bill Elder
Pg 20 – “TREES” cartoon by Paul Coker Jr.
Pg 21-23 – “DOWN PENS” fiction by Saki
Pg 24 – “A STREET CORNER IMPROMPTU” cartoon reprint from Punch 1923
Pg 25-27, 30,31 – “NIGHT OF TERROR” fiction by Mark Twain
Pg 28,29 – “HELP!’S PUBLIC GALLERY”, cartoons reprinted from, George Tech Rambler, Orange Peel, Yale Record, M.I.T. Voodoo, and listed artists as, Schwartzberg, R.E. Elliott & Collins
Pg 32,33 – “CONTROVERSIAL XMAS CARDS” cartoon by Ed Fisher
Pg 35-37 – “LITTLE NEMO IN SLUMBERLAND” reprints by Winsor McCay
Pg 39 – “CHRISTMAS MIRACLE” cartoon by Arnold Roth
Pg 40-45,47,48 – “THE NEXT TENANTS” fiction by Arthur Clark
Pg 47 – “THE IMPATIENT MOMMY” cartoon by Mike Thaler
Pg 60, 65 “KISSIES” starring Nancy Kovack, from “Cry for Happy” Columbia motion picture
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