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COVER GALLERY Help Magazine issue #4
November 1960, 68 pages
Cover: Mort Sahl
Bound inside this issue is a "airsickness bag", which the reader is informed ; "In case of emergency while reading HELP!" The airsickness bag was to help (sic) the HELP! reader to get by these troubled times, since issue #4 was published just before the 1960 presidential election.
Dick Van Dyke is featured on the letters page reading issue #2 of HELP!
Fumetti: "Binky and the Status-Stinker" by Bernard Shir-Cliff, starring:  Dick Van Dyke
Fiction: "The Complete Robin" by Talmage Powell
Photo essay: To the Polls, Ye Sons of Freedom.  Features four page removable and displayable spreads on both Nixon and Kennedy, both proclaiming each winner’s of the elections, that way HELP! reader would be right no matter who won!
Fiction: "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Comics: "The Rumor Go Round", uncredited artist and author
Comics: "That Movie Where You-Know-Who Gets Killed When…" by Jack Davis, reprinted from Humbug.
Photo Phunnie: "The Overworked Suburban Housewife, USA"  movie photos with captions related to housewifes.
Fiction: "The Epigrams of Lusin"
Comics: "Wall Street Made Easy", reprint from La Via Parisienne, 1924, art by:  Herouard
Comic: "Nearly Automatic Warfare", by Paul Coker
Parody: "Lucky Goldilocks" by Anthony Brode
Comic: "Intelligent Anticipation" reprint from Punch 1922
Fiction: "The Distant Sound of Engines" by Algis Budrys
HELP! PUBLIC GALLERY: featuring single panel comics, mostly from College Newspaper.
Comic: "The Great, Wide Hunter" by Arnold Roth
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